Proven Innocent Sneak Peek: Levi’s Past Hookups Prove Useful in Exclusive Clip


In Proven Innocent, things have been pretty rough for Levi (Riley Smith) since he and his sister, Madeline (Rachelle Lefevre), were exonerated for the murder of their childhood friend. While Madeline used her Yale degree to jumpstart her career in law, Levi has struggled to get back on his feet after that lengthy prison stay. However, it looks like he’s finally starting to find his way.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Friday’s episode of Proven Innocent, Levi drops by his sister’s apartment to help her figure out a baffling crime that hits close to home. In the preview, the pair reviews Madeline’s suspect board containing pictures of former high school classmates who may or may not have crossed over into a life of crime. Levi’s ability to rattle off a list of likely suspects raises suspicion in Madeline, who inquires about why her brother knows so much about the women on the board.

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“They were part of the cool crowd at the Sacred Heart, and I had a thing for Catholic girls back in the day,” Levi reveals in the video.

Cue the well-deserved shrug from Madeline who hits back, “Don’t tell me you hooked up with all of the girls at Sacred Heart.” To be fair, he didn’t.

“Not all of them,” Levi responds. “Just most of them.”

It’s a lighthearted moment that shows he might have a knack for helping people, even if he won’t be particularly humble about it.

The episode, titled “Shaken,” finds the team taking on the case of a mother serving a life sentence for shaking her infant daughter to death. It’s a sensitive subject that is sure to push everyone to their emotional limits. Meanwhile, Levi and Madeline will team up to uncover secrets about Rosemary’s (Casey Tutton) past.

Proven Innocent airs Fridays at 9/8c on Fox.

Riley Smith, <em>Proven Innocent</em>Riley Smith, Proven Innocent

Source : TVGuide