RCX-Haust Rival Eclipse Shorty On 2018 Indian Scout


One of the most popular modifications to American v-twin motorcycles is swapping in an aftermarket exhaust. The added performance benefits of a new part is definitely something most folks want to know, but lots of us also want to hear what a new pipe will sound like on our bikes before we buy. That’s where our Sound Off video series comes in. In it we let you listen to high-quality audio of different exhaust systems installed on different models of American V-twins, so you can finally hear exactly what your bike will sound like with that specific part.

In this video, we use a 2018 Indian Scout with RCX-Haust Rival Eclipse Shorty Slip-On Mufflers installed. The mufflers are priced at $399.95 from the manufacturer.

Source : Hotbikeweb