RHOC’s Emily Simpson Claps Back At Accusation She Uses Ozempic


Emily Simpson with sons Luke and Keller.
Courtesy of Emily Simpson/Instagram

After Emily Simpson flaunted her slim physique via Instagram on Friday, June 23, her comments were flooded by allegations she was using a weight loss medication.

“How’s that ozempic workkng [sic] out for you?” one social media user replied on Friday. “I think she was amazingly hot before the Ozempic. Not judging at all. Just sad [that] she thinks she needs to change her body temporarily because it will all revert back to how it was before when she stops taking it. I think she was perfect before.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County star, 47, immediately slammed the claims in her response. “You don’t know me and nothing will ‘revert back’ bc my arms are jacked from heavy lifting 7 days a week,” Simpson wrote.

Ozempic is a weight loss drug that is commonly prescribed to adults with obesity or who struggle with weight loss conditions, including diabetes or high blood pressure. Medications like Ozempic and Wegovy, however, are not approved for casual weight loss.

“It’s not a good idea for someone who hopes to keep it off because one thing that we know is when you stop the medication, whether it be a few months down the road or a year later, your weight will come back pretty rapidly,” plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Su exclusively told Us Weekly in March. “It’s not a good weight loss measure if you’re really planning to keep something off.”

The attorney, who joined RHOC in 2018, has previously been candid about her own weight loss journey.

“I worked my butt off to get here and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and continue to go,” she wrote via Instagram in November 2020. “I lost myself and my confidence through gaining 30 lbs. in one year in front of millions of people on a Reality TV Show. Here I am a year and a half later feeling sexy, confident in my own skin, and like the EMILY I am meant to be!”

‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Star Emily Simpson Claps Back At Suggestion She Uses Ozempic

Emily Simpson
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Simpson later told Us that she spent two years working with a personal trainer “several times a week.”

“I’m gonna be 46. I just do the best I can,” she exclusively said in January 2022. “It’s about balance. I mean, I still like to drink champagne and eat cupcakes and go out to dinner, but I try to work out as much as possible to kind of … I don’t wanna be miserable. I mean, I wanna do all those things, so I just try to keep it, like, a healthy balance.”

Simpson added at the time: “I think you have to just kind of embrace where you are in life, and our bodies change. I can tell I’ve changed. My metabolism has changed, and it just kind of is what it is. I’m just bigger than I used to be in my 20s and 30s, and that’s OK.”

The Bravolebrity — who shares three children with husband Shane Simpson — also revealed to Us that she doesn’t let the number on a scale dictate her wellness journey. “I do pay attention to sizes and stuff, so I wish I was, like, a size smaller, but I don’t know if that’s ever gonna happen. I just feel like my body just kind of is happy where it’s at,” she said. “It just likes it where it is.”

Source : USmagazine