See the Trailer for Millie Bobby Brown’s Thriller Film Damsel


Once upon a time, Millie Bobby Brown appeared in a movie called Damsel.

And fans got a sneak peek at the Stranger Things star’s new fantasy thriller when Netflix released the film’s trailer on Feb. 13.

Far from Hawkins, Indiana, this movie is set in a kingdom. Millie plays a damsel named Elodie who agrees to marry a prince—even against a warning.

“I need you to listen to me now: I don’t trust them,” Angela Bassett‘s character Lady Bayford tells Elodie in the trailer. “They may be royalty, but that doesn’t make them good people.” 

Indeed, things are far from a fairytale. As Netflix explains, Elodie quickly discovers the prince’s family has chosen to sacrifice her to repay an ancient debt—with them throwing her in a cave. And while there are no demogorgons, there is a fire-breathing dragon.

In fact, Elodie realizes she isn’t the first young woman the family has trapped to sacrifice. Determined to not have the same fate as the others, she fights to survive. 

“I will escape,” Millie’s character says in the clip, “for every innocent woman whose life was stolen.”

Source : Today