Shailene Woodley Finds Herself In A Toxic Love Triangle In Endings, Beginnings


When Shailene Woodley’s Daphne happens upon two very different men (best friends, of course) in her latest film Endings, Beginnings, she has no idea of the torrid love affair that’s about to kick off.

The actress’s latest role finds her coming face-to-face with the handsome Jack (Jamie Dornan) and his friend Frank (Sebastian Stan), who end up becoming two important parts of what’s to eventually transform into a toxic love triangle between the trio.

Daphne finds herself reeling following the end of a long-term relationship. In fact, she swears she’s done with men – before she happens to run into Jack and Frank, two potential suitors who couldn’t be more different than one another. They’re hot, mesmerizing, and, well, they both can’t get enough of Daphne.

Daphne, of course, has conflicting feelings about most of this. She wants to travel, get to know herself, and figure out what she ultimately wants to do with her life. But as she gives in to her desires between both Jack and Frank, we have a feeling things are about to get even messier between the three of them.

Drake Doremus’s upcoming film will certainly have us all wondering whether Daphne will end up with Jack, Frank, or neither of them by the end of the movie – but not without first packing plenty of steaminess into a couple of hours’ runtime or so.

The title itself seems indicative of some very complex relationships – the ending of some, and the beginnings of friendships as well as much more than that. Of course, we’ll have to watch the movie to see exactly how things end up playing out. Judging by the trailer, there could be a modicum of darkness about the trio’s comings and goings lurking beneath.

Endings, Beginnings is set to debut in theaters on May 1.

Source : MTV