Software integration aims to reduce data discrepancies



Dealertrack Registration and Title Solutions is now a participant in the CDK Global Partner Program, which Dealertrack says will provide dealers with data sharing capabilities between their Dealertrack in-state and out-of-state services and the CDK Drive DMS.

Dealertrack says that dealers as a result can now push a deal from the CDK Drive DMS into their Dealertrack Registration and Title Solutions, and back into the DMS when a deal is complete.

The company says that this will help reduce data discrepancies between dealer systems and boost operational efficiency in the sale and F&I process.

Dealertrack, a Cox Automotive company, says the integration simplifies the deal finalization process through improved data workflow and helps mitigate the need for double data entry.

It does that by automatically populating the DMS, according to DealerTrack, addressing informational gaps caused by conflicting data between systems and policy variance by state.

“At Dealertrack, we are continuously seeking innovative solutions that ease the registration and titling process for our dealers,” Dealertrack Registration and Title Solutions vice president and general manager Kaitlin Gavin said in a news release.

Gavin continued, “Joining the CDK Partner Program furthers our commitment to ensuring dealers are equipped with the most accurate information for deal completion, which in turn reduces surprise costs at the end of the deal.”

Dealertrack mentioned the 2019 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Study, which showed fewer than half of consumers were satisfied with how long the purchase process took at the dealership. The study noted that car buyers spend nearly three hours on average in-store.

During the registration and title stage of the deal process, dealers can now use information directly from the DMS. Dealertrack says that creates a more efficient workflow and improves customers’ experience.

“We’re excited to introduce Dealertrack Registration and Title Solutions to the CDK Partner Program,” said CDK vice president, data services Howard Gardner.

Gardner added, “They are a welcome addition to our vibrant program, which provides dealers with a range of choices and the assurance that their programs will be seamlessly integrated with our applications.”

Source : AutoFinanceNews