Target to temporarily pause sales of popular sports, Pokémon cards due to safety concerns


Retail store Target released a statement this week stating it will temporarily pause sales of NFL, NBA, MLB and Pokémon cards out of caution for its employees and customers.

The increase in demand for trading cards has caused issues for the retailer in its stores that range from massive crowds gathering trying to obtain the cards to, in some cases, violence.

These issues are not limited to Target stores and have been occurring nationwide. Retail store Meijer has had to adjust its policies due to demand, limiting customers to only two items per transaction, and the cards are sold behind the electronics desk instead of on the shelves.

Target implemented a policy in early 2021, limiting customers to just three sports card items per customer. That eventually was adjusted to only one item per household, and at most locations, the cards were moved from the shelves to the customer service desk where the sales could be controlled.

Part of the increase in issues has been through the increase in popularity in sports cards, but also the increase in prices on the secondary market.

A company spokesperson confirmed the removal of the cards was only temporary. The store will continue to sell cards online through

The store has put restrictions on high demand products in the past and will evaluate its options for how to better sell the cards in the near future.

Source : ESPN