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Aclaro, a company that develops tools for companies in the automotive industry, recently announced game-changing news that validates its mission of helping small, scrappy dealerships compete with larger competitors. As part of its efforts to deliver five-star service for its clients, Aclaro joined the Microsoft Partner Network, allowing the company to continue building its business by leveraging the power of Microsoft products.

Microsoft Partner Network: The Basics

The Microsoft Partner Network, if you are not yet familiar, was designed to make resources available to a wide range of technology companies (like Aclaro) so that those companies can build their businesses with Microsoft technologies.

It works with businesses around the world in three key areas. Those three areas are: driving digital transformation, building pivotal relationships, and scaling those businesses. As for driving digital transformation, Microsoft helps businesses like Aclaro leverage cloud computing to better serve customers. In terms of building pivotal relationships, Microsoft acts as a matchmaker, sending millions of referrals to its partners each and every year. Finally, Microsoft helps its partners scale their businesses not only through the first two areas, but by allowing partners to work with more than 3,500 field employees and to leverage new resources offered by Microsoft.

Practically speaking, the Microsoft Partner Network helps promising tech companies not only build their product, but helps them leverage an existing community to overcome any scaling issues. This community and support, in turn, provides a better experience for customers of these tech startups. In order to leverage the benefits of the Microsoft Partner Network, companies must submit an application. Upon being selected, companies can begin leveraging all of the benefits within the network.

Aclaro and the Microsoft Partner Network

Aclaro’s acceptance into the Microsoft Partner Network is tremendously exciting. It validates Aclaro’s growth and the stellar product that it offers to customers. It is always exciting whenever a young, scrappy startup partners with a tech giant—especially one like Microsoft. For Aclaro itself, the partnership signals the progress already made in helping small dealers and auto lenders connect purchasers with vehicles.

But beyond the simple recognition for Aclaro’s progress thus far, its inclusion within the Microsoft Partner Network promises to provide tangible benefits to current and future customers. Yes, Aclaro’s powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms are an astounding 97 percent effective in determining whether an auto loan will be paid in full. However, Aclaro is a growing company and is constantly working to make its service as efficient and intuitive as possible. For instance, one major benefit from the partnership is that Aclaro can learn from prior engagements with clients. One major benefit of the Microsoft Partner Network is that it can help companies like Aclaro search for efficiencies and ways to reuse code. Any sophisticated product (like Aclaro) can become faster and more efficient, and the Microsoft Partner Network will help Aclaro with this perpetual task.

In addition, Aclaro’s partnership with Microsoft allows it to better leverage the latest technologies in the Microsoft universe. Microsoft continues to develop stellar technology, including Microsoft’s cloud solutions. By incorporating more Microsoft solutions, Aclaro is able to deliver a reliable, stable to its clients.

And if we’re looking to the future, Aclaro can leverage this partnership to think across verticals and create new solutions for clients—whether they are in the auto industry or something else. Working with a stellar partner like Microsoft, Aclaro is more empowered to be creative, follow its vision, and take big risks. While not every experiment will end successfully, Aclaro is undoubtedly increasing the odds by partnering with a tech legend like Microsoft.

An Exciting Future

Aclaro’s acceptance into the Microsoft Partner Network represents stellar news—both for clients and for the company itself. Whether you are a current or potential Aclaro client, you can rest assured that Aclaro will continue developing outstanding software for your dealership. As for the company itself, its partnership with Microsoft is one more milestone on a road to providing the best product for dealers and auto lenders.

When all is said and done, Aclaro’s partnership with Microsoft is a slam dunk. It represents years of hard work and further success for both the company and its clients. Ultimately, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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