The 100 Season 6 Adds Teen Wolf Alum JR Bourne


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Now that The 100 has traveled to a new planet, it makes sense that Season 6 will see the influx of several new faces as we meet the inhabitants of this new world. Among those will be Teen Wolf alum J.R. Bourne.

The actor will recur in The 100‘s sixth season as Russell, the ruler of a peaceful society who will have a “complicated relationship” with Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Entertainment Weekly reports. Russell’s official character description also calls him “a visionary and pioneer” – two words which don’t exactly give us a warm and fuzzy feeling, because you know who else were considered visionaries and pioneers? Becca (Erica Cerra) and Jaha (Isaiah Washington). Hell, Diyoza (Ivana Milicevic) probably was thought of the same by her loyalists.

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It’ll be interesting to see how Russell’s vision for how to rule his society melds or clashes with Clarke and Bellamy’s (Bob Morley) hopes for how to lead Earth’s survivors on this planet. Hopefully Russell winds up being a friend because the last thing the hundred need is more enemies right now. Either way, we bet that he’ll play a pretty pivotal role in how Earth’s survivors do — or don’t — assimilate into this new world.

In addition to his role as Chris Argent on MTV’s Teen Wolf, Bourne is also known for USA’s Falling Water and Revenge.

The 100 will return to The CW midseason.

Source : TVGuide