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Are you wondering what’s on Netflix this November? Here are our recommendations for the best new shows and movies released on Netflix this week.

Looks like someone got into the Thanksgiving turkey early and is a little sleepy. Netflix has an incredibly light release slate this week, with one big sendoff of the show that helped reshape the television industry and the ultimate gift for students of film. But other than that, it’s Netflix’s quietest week in months with just eight releases. C’mon Netflix, we’re nothing without you!

Let’s go through all the Netflix releases, shall we? And if you’re looking for even more hand-picked recommendations, click over to our Watch This Now! page.

(All titles are out Friday, Nov. 2 unless specified otherwise.)

The Biggest Release

House of Cards, Season 6
Once upon a time, House of Cards was THE reason you had a Netflix subscription. Six seasons later, the political drama has struggled to reclaim its right to be in Netflix’s elite. But this is the final season, and the show known for taking big risks can let it all hang out now. It will look different with Kevin Spacey and his character Frank Underwood out of the picture, but Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood is here to take the show over, as she probably should have a while back. Coming into the final season, the questions are: Who killed Frank Underwood, and how will Claire be as president?

For All You Orson Welles Fans

The Other Side of the Wind
Attention film nerds: Orson Welles’ final film comes out 33 years after his death. The Other Side of the Wind was in production by Welles in the 1970s before he had to abandon it due to financial problems, but it was so close to being completed that others working on the film picked it up and finished it. It stars John Huston as an aging filmmaker looking to get one last smash in, and Welles claimed it was in no way autobiographical even though it so obviously is. (Trailer)

They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead
Serving as the perfect companion to The Other Side of the Wind, this documentary chronicles Welles’ late years as a filmmaker as he tried to put his final film together. Orson Welles superfans are totally losing their minds right now. Which one should you watch first? (Trailer)

Everything Else

John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons
The actor-comedian-Luigi comes to Netflix in this recorded performance of his Tony-nominated one-man Broadway play, in which he humorously looks at 3,000 years of Latin history, from the Mayans to Pitbull. (Monday, Nov. 5)

Brainchild, Season 1
Science can be difficult to understand, but this educational — no, edutainment — series explains the nitty-gritty of the subject in terms that tweens, and hopefully stubborn Republican policymakers, can understand. (Trailer)

Here Are the 100 Best Shows Right Now

The Holiday Calendar
Christmas lights aren’t supposed to go up until after Thanksgiving, but apparently the crack of November isn’t too early for Netflix to put up a Christmas movie. Trying (and failing) to get a jump on the Hallmark Channel, this holiday yarn starring Kat Graham and Ethan Peck is about a woman whose professional and romantic aspirations are jumpstarted by a magical advent calendar. I can feel the eggnog coming up my esophagus already. (Trailer)

Remastered: Tricky Dick & The Man in Black
The second installment of Netflix’s music docuseries looks at Johnny Cash’s visit to the White House via invitation from Richard Nixon, and the conflict the musician wrestled with in being used as presidential propaganda. Cash sure did have to walk a line here! (sorry) (Trailer)

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Season 4
Those Trolls continue to sing and dance their way into your kids’ hearts and into your brain where you will never be able to get rid of their catchy pop songs… ever! (Trailer)

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