The Sopranos Guest Stars You Probably Forgot About


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There were a lot of famous faces that crossed paths with the titular family in The SopranosIf you’re just now checking out — or perhaps revisiting — the decorated drama in light of HBO Max’s recent launch, you’ll no doubt notice many A-listers appearing in guest star, and sometimes even background, roles.

Throughout the show’s six-season run, there were quite a few megastars who did some of their earliest work around the fictional New Jersey mafia syndicate, including Lin-Manuel Miranda appearing as a bell hop, Lady Gaga portraying a high school vandal, and a young Michael B. Jordan playing a kid who tried to enforce his town’s litter rules in a flashback scene from before Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) joined the waste management circuit. You might also recognize quite a few TV stars who’ve since established themselves in other shows, including Grey’s Anatomy‘s Chandra Wilson, Stranger ThingsCara Buono, and more. 

The Sopranos was also known for hosting celebrity guests who starred as themselves. Thanks to Christopher Moltisanti’s (Michael Imperioli) long-held Hollywood ambitions, the family’s wealthy connections in general, and Tony’s occasional fever dreams, there were a lot of scenes which featured actors, musicians, and TV personalities who dropped as themselves, including Jon Favreau, Annette Bening, and Ben Kingsley, to name a few.

Click through the gallery to look back on the many famous faces who graced mob scene in The Sopranos.

The Sopranos is available on HBO and HBO Max.

PHOTOS: The Sopranos Guest Stars You Forgot About

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