This Exclusive 9-1-1 Sneak Peek Shows Athena’s Instincts Taking Over After an Arrest


Athena Grant (Angela Bassett) isn’t one to ignore her instincts, as this exclusive sneak peek at the next episode of 9-1-1 reminds us. In the preview clip for Monday’s episode, titled “The One That Got Away,” Athena brings an arrestee in on charges, and even though the suspect insists it’s all a waste of time and the case will fall within the federal government’s jurisdiction, she still wants to do a little digging of her own. After sending the man on for booking, she decides to try and find out what’s contained on the photo card for his drone.

“I’ve just got a weird feeling I can’t shake,” she explains before asking a colleague to get a warrant “to see what he’s really been doing with that drone.”

We’ll have to wait to find out whether Athena’s gut feeling about the guy is founded or not, but that’s not the only thing we can expect to see on 9-1-1‘s next episode. This installment will also feature the 118 fighting an apartment fire which leaves a blind woman trapped inside, and Hen (Aisha Hinds) will perform a risky medical procedure after an accident on the set of a cooking show. Meanwhile, Buck (Oliver Stark) will befriend a retired firefigher and become inspired to reunite him with his long-lost love.

9-1-1 airs on Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

Angela Bassett, 9-1-1

Source : TVGuide