Tony Robbins’ son on the money lessons he learned from his dad


Most individuals take money cues from their parents.

For Josh Robbins, those lessons came from his father, Tony Robbins, a life and business strategist who has published best-selling books on managing money.

Josh Robbins, chief strategy officer at America’s Best 401k, said he still applies those values to how he approaches money.

First, “get in the game,” Robbins said. Actively set money aside for future expenses. Think of saving as paying your future self.

Second, practice emotional fitness. Stay focused on your goals even when the market hits bumps.

“The stock market is the only thing in America that people don’t like when it’s on sale,” Robbins said.

If you see a car or outfit you like on sale, you’d run to it, Robbins said. But many people get spooked when the stock market is down and the same discounts apply to equities.

“Understand that corrections are a constant, crashes are a constant, and those are opportunities,” Robbins said.

Source : CNBC