Was That Serena Williams in the Hotel Room Next to Mine?


“I see it all over Instagram,” said the Czech player Barbora Strycova, who said she had never had a hotel partnership. “‘Oh, it’s so great staying at the Blah Blah Blah Hotel.’ It’s a lot.”

Caroline Garcia, seeded sixth at the U.S. Open, took part in a hotel partnership for the first time at this year’s tournament, with the New Yorker hotel. Ms. Garcia said the deal allowed her to stay in a nicer space than she had previously. “We got some big rooms, which is kind of important because in Manhattan it can be very small,” she said.

“It’s an easy deal,” Ms. Garcia added. “It’s not like they ask you to post 10 pictures; they were happy with one or two.”

John Tobias, an agent with TLA Worldwide who represents last year’s U.S. Open champion Sloane Stephens, among other players, said the typical deal requires two to three social media posts, with arrival and departure usually being fixed occasions for them. He added that usually there were limits on the types of players who could snag these deals.

“It depends who you are,” Mr. Tobias said. “You’ve got to be a reasonably highly marketable player, or they’re not going to be interested. They’ll take a look at your social media following to see if the type of audience you have is even worth it.”

At Association of Tennis Professionals and WTA tour events below the Grand Slams, players in the main draw are provided with a room at the official hotel for five nights. At the U.S. Open, there is a per diem of $400, but in New York that does not go far toward hotels, particularly for players traveling with coaches and other personnel.

“I’ve never been at a point in my career when I didn’t worry about the numbers and just stayed at the tournament hotel,” said 115th-ranked Nicole Gibbs, who lost in the first round here. “I’ve managed to make money every year of my career by just being expedient, and making sure I’m not spending money where I don’t want to be.”

Ms. Gibbs, who was grateful to be offered a partnership this year with the Viceroy Central Park hotel, said players in her section of the rankings needed to be cost-conscious throughout the year.

Source : NYtimes