Watch Queen Elizabeth II Join a Video Call With a Little Help From Princess Anne


You’re not the only one doing video calls while social distancing.

Queen Elizabeth II recently took part in a Webex conference with a little help from her daughter, Princess Anne. ITV captured the virtual meeting for its new documentary Anne: The Princess Royal at 70

The clip started off with The Queen’s assistant private secretary Tom Laing-Baker introducing Her Majesty to the rest of the group.

“Good morning,” Queen Elizabeth II said after she joined the call. “I’m very glad to have been able to join you.”

Princess Anne then offered some guidance—asking her mother if she could see everybody and noting she should see six people on her screen. 

“Yes, well I can see four anyway,” the 94-year-old monarch replied. 

The Princess Royal then decided to move along.

“You don’t need me. You know what I look like,” Princess Anne quipped.

While many attend virtual meetings in T-shirts and sweatpants, Her Majesty went with a more formal look and wore a floral dress and her signature pearls for the occasion.

Source : Today