Watch the Station 19 Cast Adorably Fail at This Game of Firefighter Trivia


The Station 19 cast has been pretending to be Seattle’s best and bravest for almost three years now, but how much do they know about the fierce roles they inhabit? In this super cute exclusive, the cast is put to a fireman quiz and well, it’s clear that some did more of the homework than others.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Jaina Lee Ortiz knows her stuff, including the test every fireman (or firewoman) has to take to be certified — because she took it to prepare for the show! That only makes the fact that Andy isn’t going to be captain this season that much more frustrating.

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However, it’s hard to tell who comes in second because the rest of the cast got stumped by some pretty easy ones. They should all know what EMT stands for, right? Well, they don’t, so we just have to be glad they look really great in those uniforms (and they look really great). And we’ll see them back in action this Thursday!

Station 19 kicks off TGIT Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

Grey Damon, Station 19

Source : TVGuide