Wayne Brady Is Dave’s Intimidating Political Opponent in The Neighborhood Sneak Peek


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The Neighborhood Sneak Peek: Wayne Brady Is Dave’s Intimidating Political Opponent

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Dave (Max Greenfield) might have underestimated what he was getting himself into by running for City Council on The Neighborhood.

TV Guide has an exclusive clip from the CBS sitcom that shows Calvin (Cedric the Entertainer) and Dave hanging out at the local barber shop, where Dave meets incumbent councilman Isaiah Evans (guest star Wayne Brady). It’s clear that Dave might be out of his league. First of all, it’s obvious that Evans already knows his constituents and is comfortable talking to them in a way that Dave isn’t. Second, the politician has no problem throwing some shade Dave’s way, even though they just met. Third, Evans has a handshake like butter, and we’re not sure there’s enough moisturizer in the world to get Dave on that level.

In the episode — the second of two back-to-back new episodes airing Monday, May 4 starting at 8/7c — Dave will go above and beyond to gain Calvin’s support for his campaign, but it looks like Evans is going to make that even more difficult than anticipated. Can Dave rise above this challenge and get his neighbor on his side, or is this campaign going to go down in flames?

The Neighborhood airs Monday at 8/7c on CBS.

Wayne Brady, Max Greenfield, Cedric the Entertainer, <em>The Neighborhood</em>Wayne Brady, Max Greenfield, Cedric the Entertainer, The Neighborhood

Source : TVGuide