Weekend roundup: Kellogg’s underappreciated rival to Beyond Meat


Here are must-read articles from MarketWatch about investing and consumer-finance topics over the past week.

1. Advice for Kellogg’s CEO and board of directors

Brett Arends says Kellogg

K, +0.28%

 can make a lot of money for shareholders (or help them earn back some of their losses on this terribly performing stock) by spinning off MorningStar Farms, a competitor to Beyond Meat

BYND, -4.42%

 with a much larger market share.

2. It’s all about the Federal Reserve — a policy debate

This week’s record highs for the Dow Jones Industrial Average

DJIA, +0.66%

 and S&P 500

SPX, +0.28%

have been closely correlated to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s dovish comments. Here are points of debate:

• Rex Nutting: Trump and the stock market are spooking Powell into making this rookie mistake

• Tim Mullaney: The Fed doesn’t have to cut rates — but it can to help the middle class

• Jeffry Bartash: An economy gone ‘mad?’ The Fed is going to cut interest rates despite record stock prices, low unemployment

3. Dow 27,000: These companies got it done

Here are the components of the venerable blue-chip stock index that contributed the most to the most recent 1,000-point milestone, which was reached on Thursday.

4. On the other hand — two warnings for the stock market

There are signs of a liquidity problem for the stock market.

‘Bad news is good news’ for the stock market right now —here’s how that could end

5. Easy ways to invest even if you have very little money saved up

Here are discount brokerages with no account minimums and diversified exchange-traded funds with very low expenses to help you or those you care about get started.

6. Prime Day is July 15 — how to prepare and get freebies

Here’s what you need to know about Prime Day at Amazon.com

AMZN, +0.57%

including several ways to score credits and tips on saving money

7. Two easy and clear ways to fix your personal budget

Stop doing this, or cut back, for better financial and physical health.

Stop being taken for a ride.

8. Two couples, two reality checks

Millennial couple in Kansas needs help making ends meet on $500,000 a year

This couple dreamed about frugally traveling around in a van — until reality smacked them in the face

9. A FIRE series

Alessandra Malito looks into various aspects of achieving financial independence at relatively young ages:

Anyone with disposable income can retire early, this filmmaker says

How to raise frugal children as you achieve FIRE

This flight attendant has enough money saved to retire at 44, but she wants to keep working

Growing up with FIRE: These adults on the path to early retirement share lessons from their frugal parents

10. A taxing matter for the self-employed

How to determine whether you are subject to the federal self-employment tax.

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