Which player had the best kicks in Week 6 in the NBA?


After a two-month stretch of testing out his sneaker free-agent status, PJ Tucker sorted through discussions with Puma, New Balance, Reebok, Nike and others to finally make a decision on his next endorsement deal.

“Through it all, one family has been consistent,” Tucker wrote in an Instagram announcement. “That’s why I’m happy to announce that I’m signing back with the Swoosh. Leaders of the old school and the new.”

Although other brands offered compelling multimillion dollar total deals and creative input for both on- and off-court products, Tucker’s longtime love for Nike couldn’t be topped.

“My taste in sneakers came from my experiences growing up,” he said. “I would literally get two pairs of shoes a year: for my birthday [in May] and to start school. That did two things. For one, it made me value each pair of shoes I got. I had to make sure they lasted as long as possible. But even more, it made me think nonstop about the shoes I wanted and it sort of made me an expert in what was hot and what was not.”

Tucker turned to one of his favorite Nike signature lines for his first game after re-signing with the brand, an exclusive 2005 edition of Kobe Bryant’s Huarache 2K5. Nearly 15 years ago, Nike held one of its first design contests at its Los Angeles Niketown store, with Bryant hand-picking four winners and wearing their designs during the 2005-06 season.

Tucker tracked down the black, purple and yellow pair designed by “Mike,” another pair in a long list of surprises from his closet. The only other known pair has been stashed for years by best-in-class collector Jay Jones, who posted all four of the fan-designed sneakers on Instagram, with a playful “Your move!” nudge to Tucker.

“Making it to the NBA sealed my fate. I was gonna get ’em all — and then some,” Tucker said. “Since then, I’ve worn shoes on the court that were worth so much, I wouldn’t dare tell my mom.”

With a new multiyear deal with the brand that should carry him through the remainder of his career, Tucker already has additional player exclusive colorways of upcoming Kobe Protro models on the way.

“Can’t wait to show you guys what we come up with,” he smiled.

Source : ESPN