Wild Wig-Ripping Bar Brawl Spills Out Onto Manhattan Street – NBC New York


What to Know

  • The chaos started with one person railing against the bartender for being asked to leave; people caught it on video
  • But there were other women in the bar and they didn’t like being filmed; they asked for the videos to be deleted and were refused
  • That’s when the all-out brawl erupted; people are seen piling on, tugging each other in the vestibule leading to the bar as fists fly

Authorities are investigating a wild wig-yanking brawl that started in a midtown Manhattan bar and spilled onto the street, where bodies were slammed into walls, hair was pulled off and screams echoed in dark streets.

No arrests were made in the fight, which happened shortly before 3 a.m. Thursday at Faces & Names Lounge and Bar on 54th Street and Seventh Avenue. The NYPD confirmed to News 4 it had no arrests in this case but provided no other details on the crazed violence that unfolded.

Witnesses said it started when a bartender told someone to leave the establishment. The person then allegedly attacked the bartender. A group in the bar purportedly came to the bartender’s defense, while yet another group was recording the exchange.

The first individual ran off after that. But the women defending the bartender allegedly disliked that they were being filmed, told the people who took the video to delete it, and when they were refused, the all-out chaos erupted.

The street footage looks like something out of a movie; people are piling on, tugging each other in the vestibule leading to the bar as fists fly.

One woman shoves another against a wall, slamming her head into it as punches are thrown. The bartender tries to intervene. At one point, all that can be seen are hands flailing. Someone eventually ends up on the floor, the fight breaks up, wigs are re-assembled. There’s a brief Round II. After a bit more scuffling, one more push and some choice words, police arrive.

Some people leave at that point, others stick around to talk to the cops. Eventually, everyone left. No injuries were reported.

Source : Nbcnewyork