Woman files lawsuit against Minnesota Vikings’ Dalvin Cook, who denies allegations and says he was one assaulted


Minnesota Vikings star running back Dalvin Cook allegedly abused a former girlfriend, causing a concussion, during an incident at his home last year, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

The Star Tribune of Minneapolis reported that the woman filed a lawsuit in Dakota County District Court, alleging Cook of assault, battery and false imprisonment.

However, Cook’s attorney, Dave Valentini, said his client was assaulted by the woman after she illegally broke into his residence, saying in a statement Tuesday night that she later tried to extort him of millions of dollars.

The Vikings also released a statement, saying they “recently received notification from Dalvin Cook’s legal representative regarding a situation that occurred between Dalvin and a female acquaintance in November 2020 and led to an ongoing dispute between the parties. Upon learning of this, we immediately notified the NFL. We are in the process of gathering more information and will withhold further comment at this time.”

In a separate statement, the league said it was notified by the Vikings of the matter and would decline further comment.

The woman, identified as Gracelyn Trimble and a sergeant in the U.S. Army, flew to Minnesota to break up with Cook and get her belongings from his home when things turned violent, she alleged in the lawsuit.

She accused Cook of giving her “a concussion, leaving a scar on my face and taking me through hell,” according to the Star Tribune. According to the suit, she used Mace on him, before going into his bedroom, grabbing his gun and calling a friend for help, leading the running back to attack her with a broomstick, she alleged in the suit.

When she returned to Florida after the incident, she told medical personnel she had been in an ATV accident after seeking treatment for the injuries.

Valentini, however, said in his statement Tuesday that the woman allegedly used a stolen garage door opener to enter his home illegally and then attacked him and a guest there, using Mace on him upon entering and forcing Cook and his guests to remain at the residence at gunpoint for hours.

Cook’s lawyer alleged that Trimble has been attempting to extort money from Cook ever since.

No criminal charges were filed and police were not contacted at the time of the incident.

Source : ESPN