Feuling Race Series Cam Kits for Harley Milwaukee-Eight



Feuling’s got the goods when it comes to making legit horsepower and torque numbers over stock. Its Milwaukee-Eight Oil Cooled Camchest kits include all necessary components from top to bottom in one convenient package. These combination kits not only ensure each individual part is designed to work and function together but to do so in total harmony. These camchest kits take the guess work out of the ordering process and guarantees the engine builder maximum reliability, peak performance and the coolest engine and oil temperatures obtainable.

521 CAM

Aggressive pulling power with a nasty sound, the Reaper 521 grind will shine in 114 and larger cubic inch engines with added compression ratio. Ported cylinder heads are not required but will complement the cam and add even more pulling power throughout the range. The stock throttle body produces an excellent powerband and use of a high flow throttle body will increase peak power numbers. A high flow exhaust system and air cleaner is highly recommended for optimal performance.

NOTE: High-Lift valve springs are required on stock cylinder heads, see Feuling Beehive valve spring kit #1107 (DRAG# 0926-2973) or #1108 (DRAG# 0926-2974). Also, Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle cylinder heads have high-lift valve springs and will accept the 521 grind cam.


  • Quieter and smoother engine operation
  • Increase oil pressure, scavenge volume and engine oil flow
  • 27% more pressure and scavenge gear volume over stock
  • 42% more scavenge volume with port sizing, matched passages and holes to the engine case
  • 68% more oil volume to the crankshaft and connecting rod bearing
  • 15-25 degree cooler engine temperatures
  • 15-30 degree cooler oil temperatures
    10-30 more PSI of oil pressure
  • Reduces wet sumping, blow by and oily air cleaners
  • Magnets in oil pump to help protect gears and pressure relief valve
  • Test results show 2 HP gain and 2 ft/lbs of TQ gain to the rear wheel on Milwaukee Eight

Feuling received a ton of requests for the Milwaukee-Eight oil pump back cover O-ring/seal groove, so guess what. Feuling added the groove! However, Feuling’s in-house testing on healthy engines did not show a benefit. The O-ring may have potential benefits in certain circumstances such as engines with higher cylinder leak down, poor subseal O-ring seal, raised sump hole and/or sump plug and looser lifter-to-lifter bore clearances.

Part # 1346 RPM range 2,250 – 6,250. Grind: 521

Valve Lift Open Close Duration @ 50 lift @ TDC Lobe Centerline
Intake .518 17 BTDC 34 ABDC 231 .162 98.5
Exhaust .521 51.5 BBDC 11.5 ATDC 243 .125 110
Overlap: 28.5

Kits include: Feuling high-volume oil pump, high flow billet camplate, Reaper Series Camshaft, hydraulic roller lifters, fixed length pushrods, Timken/Koyo cam bearing, rocker arm studs and nuts, gaskets, O-rings, ARP cam/crank fasteners, washers, moly lube and Loctite.

The Feuling Race Series Kits include a Race Series oiling system: billet 7075 oil pump, Race Series lifters, high-flow billet 7075 aluminum camplate.

Billet 7075 aluminum oil pump which is 50-percent harder and stronger than the factory pump holding tighter tolerances under temperature, deeper scavenge kidneys over HP+ oil pump. Deeper scavenge kidney ports over the HP+ series for even more scavenge flow volume

Race Series hydraulic lifters have a full .200 of total travel designed with a slower bleed down rate to handle heavy valve spring pressures, increase engine RPM before valve float and feature increased roller clearance for steep ramped camshafts and clearance for the Milwaukee Eight front exhaust camshaft lobe flange.

It is important to get the correct hot oil level in your bike. Feuling recommends running the oil level 90%-99% full when hot.

Note: The Milwaukee-Eight oil pickup port is on the right side of the engine. Letting the bike idle or warm up on the kickstand will naturally fill the engine case and skew the oil level in the tank.

Feuling recommends the following steps to achieve proper oil level:
1. Check cold oil level.
2. Ride the bike until operating temperature is reached.
3. Shut the bike off while still in the upright position. (This insures an accurate reading)
4. Once the bike is on the kickstand check oil level.
5. Add or remove oil as needed.


Milwaukee Eight 2017-2022 oil-cooled, chain drive applications, and includes 521 Reaper Camshafts #1346, cam install kit #2030, Race Series Lifters #4017, one-piece pushrods #4087, Race Series oil pump #7020, high-flow camplate #8017, ARP rocker studs and nuts, and camplate/oil pump fasteners.

Source : Hotbikeweb