Fiji Water Girl steals the show at the Golden Globes


But when it came to stealing the show, it was all about a mysterious brunette who you have almost certainly never heard of.

Wearing a deep blue evening dress, the initially unidentified woman managed to make herself known to the paparazzi at Sunday’s award ceremony by photobombing almost every red carpet shot — appearing behind just about everyone from Nicole Kidman and Jamie Lee Curtis to Idris Elba and Richard Madden.

She also stole the spotlight from the likes of Jim Carrey, Dakota Fanning and Camilla Belle.

And here she is again with actress Holly Taylor.

Later revealed as an LA-based model, Kelleth Cuthbert pulled off the brazen publicity stunt by continuously posing with a tray of bottles of Fiji Water intended for the thirsty guests.

And it was not just a case of standing demurely in the background. Instead Cuthbert, who originally hails from Toronto, made a point of staring into the camera and grabbing the global limelight.

The woman in blue emerged as the star of the 76th annual Golden GlobeĀ® Awards

At the start of the night, she posted a picture of herself on Instagram, captioning it: “Not the worst way to spend a Sunday… #goldenglobesfijigirl #fijiwatergirl”

Pictures of the model quickly went viral, with a host of memes and even a spoof Twitter account appearing within hours.

Fiji Water, which sponsored the award ceremony, later tweeted: “We’re so glad everyone is talking about our water!

“*senses ominous presence*

“She’s right behind us, isn’t she? #FIJIwatergirl”

Source : Nbcnewyork