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OWINGS MILLS, Md. — No one really knows whether Marquise Brown will become a No. 1 wide receiver or if Jaylon Ferguson will develop into a Pro Bowl pass-rusher.

What has already been established from this year’s NFL draft is this: The Baltimore Ravens have significantly upgraded their nicknames. Six of Baltimore’s eight draft picks are referred to by something other than their given names.

“Hollywood” came in the first round. “Sack Daddy” arrived in the third. The other “Big Ben” in the AFC North headed to Baltimore in the fourth round. “Biggie” joined later in the fourth. And “Mack Truck” was delivered in the fifth. Even Trace McSorley, the Ravens’ final selection, uses a nickname (his real name is Richard Thomas McSorley III).

Some of the monikers are part of their Twitter handles, and others are ingrained in their skin as tattoos. All represent their identities.

Wide receiver Miles Boykin, who is rooming with Brown, was asked how he refers to the first-round pick.

“I call him Hollywood,” Boykin said with a laugh.

Here is the backstory for each of the nicknames:

  • Marquise “Hollywood” Brown: In November 2017, Brown got behind the defense, caught a long pass from Baker Mayfield and raced to the end zone for a 77-yard, fourth-quarter touchdown in Oklahoma’s 62-52 win over Oklahoma State. As soon as Brown hauled in the pass, ever-excitable TV announcer Gus Johnson exclaimed, “Hollywood,” which is the city in Florida where Brown grew up. “It kind of just stuck,” Brown said. “Everyone started calling me it.”

  • Jaylon “Sack Daddy” Ferguson: He took on the nickname years before he became the NCAA’s all-time sacks leader. A teammate said Ferguson gave himself that title in the locker room after recording four sacks against Texas-San Antonio as a freshman. “I came in the room, joking around with my teammates, and they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re the Sack Daddy now. You’ve got all the sacks,'” Ferguson said. “It’s kind of funny when you’re walking around and a bunch of grown men are like, ‘Hey, there’s Sack Daddy!'”

  • “Big Ben” Powers: The 6-foot-4, 310-pound guard obviously won’t be the first or most popular player in the division with this nickname. But even the most ardent Ben Roethlisberger fans can’t tell Powers to give it up. He earned the right to keep it by getting a tattoo of the London clock tower on the inside of his right forearm. It took him 8½ hours to get it done. Let’s say Powers is kind of connected to the name.

  • Iman “Biggie” Marshall: Of all the nicknames for the Baltimore rookies, Marshall has had his the longest. His aunt started calling him “Biggie” as a baby because of a rap song. The Notorious B.I.G.’s hit “Hypnotize” was released as a single two days after Marshall was born in 1997. Now, Marshall prefers everyone to refer to him “Biggie.”

  • Daylon “Mack Truck” Mack: Gladewater High School in Texas began playing the Mack Truck horn on the speakers every time Mack made a tackle for a loss, and he quickly adopted it. Does Mack drive a truck? “No, I actually drive a Malibu, a little car!” Mack said with a chuckle. “I’ll probably get one when I get settled down here, though.”

  • Trace McSorley: Many people probably didn’t know the first name of Penn State’s all-time leading passer is actually Richard. His parents nicknamed their son at a young age after watching NFL defensive lineman Trace Armstrong on TV. They looked it up in the name book and discovered Trace means “little battler” in Gaelic. “I’d rather be Trace,” McSorley told The Morning Call of Allentown, Pennsylvania, two years ago. “Rick just doesn’t fit me.”

The Ravens haven’t had a lot of players with notable nicknames in their history, although everyone knows who you’re talking about when you mention T-Sizzle (Terrell Suggs), Goose (Tony Siragusa) and Zeus (Orlando Brown Sr., and now his son).

So, which Ravens rookie has the best nickname?

“I have to say me,” “Biggie” Marshall said with a smile. “I love my name, but there are some great names out there!”

Source : ESPN