Hong Kong protests: Government’s attempt to end unrest is too little too late


Students wearing gas masks and helmets hold a banner that reads “five major demands are indispensable” at St. Francis’ Canossian College in Hong Kong on Monday, September 2.

Protesters gather in the bus terminal at Hong Kong International Airport on Sunday, September 1. Hundreds of pro-democracy activists attempted to block transport routes to the city’s airport.

A passenger walks to the airport on September 1 as pro-democracy protesters blocked a road outside the airport.

Pro-democracy protesters leave after riot police arrived outside the airport on September 1.

A protester uses a slingshot outside the Central Government Complex during clashes with police on Saturday, August 31. Thousands of pro-democracy protesters held an anti-government rally on August 31, a day after several leading activists and lawmakers were arrested in a sweeping crackdown.

Protesters stand in front of a burning barricade as clashes with the police intensified on August 31.

Protesters light a Molotov cocktail on August 31.

Police officers move forward during clashes with protesters on August 31.

Protesters take cover as policemen fire blue-colored water on them. Blue dye can be used to stain and identify masked protesters.

A surveillance camera is covered with white paint during protests.

Protesters march with a banner that uses the stars of the Chinese national flag reconfigured to depict a Nazi swastika.

Protesters came prepared with gas masks as police fired tear gas near Hong Kong’s government headquarters on August 31.

An overhead view shows protesters reacting after police fired tear gas on August 31.

Pro-democracy activists Agnes Chow and Joshua Wong speak to the media after they were released on bail at the Eastern Magistrates Courts on Friday, August 30. They were arrested earlier the same day in a dragnet across Hong Kong.

Protesters gather in the lobby of Hong Kong’s Revenue Department on August 25.

Some protesters shine laser pointers at police lines on August 25.

Police fire tear gas at protesters on August 25.

Protesters and police clash on Saturday, August 24.

A protester throws back a tear-gas canister during clashes at Kowloon Bay on August 24.

Protesters pick up bricks to be used as projectiles on August 24.

Police retreat after clashing with protesters on August 24.

People link hands as they gather at the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront on Friday, August 23. Protesters formed a human chain across Hong Kong in a show of solidarity.

Protesters shine light from their cell phones as they form a human chain on top of the iconic Lion Rock at Wong Tai Sin.

The human chain was planned to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the “Baltic Way,” a historically significant peaceful demonstration against Soviet occupation. On August 23, 1989, an estimated 2 million people formed a 600-kilometer (372-mile) human chain across the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Cell phones shine from the top of Lion Rock on August 23.

Protesters take part in a march on Sunday, August 18.

Protesters march under umbrellas on August 18.

Tens of thousands of protesters showed up in the streets on August 18.

Protesters take part in a rally in Victoria Park on August 18.

A protester participates in a march on Saturday, August 17. His eye is covered with red gauze, referencing a woman who was allegedly shot in the eye with a beanbag round during clashes between protesters and police.

A protester ties a white ribbon, symbolizing the pure intentions of young protesters, during a march organized by teachers in Hong Kong on August 17.

Protesters react after police fired tear gas to disperse a demonstration at the Sham Shui Po police station in Hong Kong on Wednesday, August 14.

Tear gas envelops demonstrators at Sham Shui Po.

Protesters point lasers at the Sham Shui Po police station on August 14.

A police officer falls over an airport luggage trolley during a scuffle with pro-democracy protesters on Tuesday, August 13.

A police officer draws his weapon during clashes at the airport on August 13.

Police use pepper spray to disperse protesters at the airport on August 13.

Police and protesters clash at the airport on August 13. The violence came after Hong Kong’s Airport Authority announced that all check-in services would be suspended for another night because of terminal operations being “seriously disrupted.”

A traveler passes her luggage to security guards as she tries to enter the departures gate.

A display board shows canceled flights on August 13.

Anti-government protesters stand at a barricade made of luggage trolleys during a demonstration at the airport on August 13.

A woman wearing Minnie Mouse headgear looks on as stranded travelers gather near closed check-in counters on August 13.

Protesters display banners during a sit-in rally at the airport’s arrival hall on Monday, August 12.

Medics look after a woman who received a facial injury during clashes on Sunday, August 11.

A pro-democracy protester is held by police outside the Tsim Sha Tsui police station on August 11.

A “Lennon wall” featuring a raincoat is plastered with sticky notes on Saturday, August 10.

Police fire tear gas at protesters during a demonstration in the Wong Tai Sin District on Monday, August 5.

A train passenger gestures toward a protester, right, who was preventing the doors of a train from closing on August 5. The protester was trying to disrupt Hong Kong’s morning rush-hour commute.

A man lies down on an underground train during a protest on August 5.

A man comforts his pregnant wife near a train platform after protesters blocked the train doors on August 5.

A protester stands in tear gas during a confrontation with police in the early hours of Sunday, August 4.

A Chinese flag floats in water after it was thrown by protesters during a demonstration on Saturday, August 3.

A protester sprays paint on a wall on August 3.

Members of Hong Kong’s medical sector attend a protest in Edinburgh Place on Friday, August 2.

The emblem on the China Liaison Office is protected by plexiglass during a demonstration on Sunday, July 28.

A protester flees from baton-wielding police in the Yuen Long district of Hong Kong on Saturday, July 27.

A protester looks through umbrellas during the clashes with police on July 27.

Travelers watch as protesters rally at Hong Kong’s international airport on Friday, July 26.

People paste Post-it notes on a demonstrator in the Hong Kong airport.

Protesters clash with police on Sunday, July 21.

Police fire tear gas at protesters during a march on July 21.

Medical workers help a protester affected by tear gas on July 21.

An egg thrown by a protester hits the emblem on the China Liaison Office on July 21.

The office of pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho was trashed by protesters in Hong Kong’s Tsuen Wan district.

A protester covers a security camera outside the Chinese government’s liaison office in Hong Kong.

Protesters gather for a demonstration on July 21.

Police officers use pepper spray to disperse protesters after a rally in the Sheung Shui district on Saturday, July 13.

A demonstrator sprays paint inside a chamber at Hong Kong’s Legislative Council building, where protesters forced their way in on Monday, July 1.

The meeting hall of the Legislative Council is taken over by demonstrators on July 1.

A protester uses a megaphone to speak to other protesters inside the Legislative Council building.

Protesters stream into the Legislative Council building.

A protester smashes a window of the Legislative Council building.

Protesters holding umbrellas face off with police officers wearing anti-riot gear on July 1.

Police standing inside the Hong Kong government headquarters look through broken glass as protesters try to smash their way into the building on July 1.

Columns of sunlight are cast on a crowd during the march on July 1.

Helicopters carrying the flags of China and Hong Kong fly over demonstrators on July 1.

Pro-democracy lawmaker Roy Kwong rallies demonstrators with a megaphone on July 1.

A protester holds up a placard as thousands flood the streets of Hong Kong on July 1.

A police officer uses pepper spray during a clash with protesters on July 1.

Protesters face police on July 1.

Protesters remove their shirts after being pepper-sprayed by police.

A protester wearing a T-shirt with the word “revolution” walks past an inscription on a road that reads “Long Live HK.”

Police detain protesters near the government headquarters in Hong Kong on July 1.

An overhead view shows thousands of protesters marching through a Hong Kong street on Sunday, June 16.

A protester returns a tear-gas canister fired by police during clashes outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong on Wednesday, June 12.

Rubber bullets, pepper spray and hand-thrown tear gas were used to push back protesters who had occupied the city’s main thoroughfare and other roads near the government headquarters on June 12, Hong Kong Police Commissioner Steven Lo Wai-chung said.

Protesters run after police fired tear gas on June 12.

A police officer reacts to an umbrella that was thrown near the Legislative Council building on June 12.

Police officers use a water cannon on a protester near the government headquarters.

A protester reacts as she is grabbed by police on June 12.

Protesters face off with police during the rally on June 12.

A protester rests during the demonstration on June 12. Protesters began arriving the night before.

By the morning of June 12, tens of thousands of mainly young people had arrived in the area, blocking streets and bringing central Hong Kong to a standstill.

Protesters block major roads near the Legislative Council and government headquarters. Hundreds of businesses, parents and teachers called for a boycott of work and school to show their opposition to the extradition bill.

A demonstrator holds a sign during the June 12 rally.

Police officers charge toward protesters during clashes on Monday, June 10. It was a continuation of protests that started the day before.

A police camera films the rally on Sunday, June 9.

Protesters hold pictures of Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam on June 9.

Protesters on June 9 waved placards and wore white — the designated color of the rally. “Hong Kong, never give up!” some chanted.

A crowd fills a Hong Kong street on June 9.

Students wear chains during a demonstration on Saturday, June 8.

Source : Nbcnewyork