NYC Transit is Bringing Back Loud Emergency Exit Door Alarms to Some Stations


What to Know

  • The MTA is reinstalling the deafening emergency exit door sirens in select stations, according to a report

  • The MTA has already reactivated alarms at 10 select stations.

  • NY Transit reinstated them at the NYPD’s request in an effort to cut fare evasion.

Subway riders are getting an ear blast from the past — NYC Transit is reinstalling the deafening emergency exit door sirens in select stations.

After going silent roughly four years ago, commuters at stations like Union Square and Columbus Center were confronted with headache-inducing wails on Tuesday, the New York Post reports.

“The alarms are not all being switched back on. We are complying with NYPD’s request to reactivate alarms at 10 select stations as they work to prevent fare evasion,” said Sarah Meyer, Chief Customer Officer for New York City Transit, on Twitter. “We will see if this pilot proves effective and will report back.”

In a statement to NBC 4, NYPD Lieutenant John Grimpel said, “in partnership with New York City Transit, we are exploring different was to change behavior of those who seek to evade the fare at turnstiles, and this is one of the strategies we’re piloting.”

The responses on Twitter were overwhelmingly negative.

“How does excessive noise prevent fare evasion?” asked Twitter user Armenoush.

“NO. DO NOT DO THIS,” replied Twitter user Brian Hedden. “Do not be responsible for making NYC more hostile to its people.”

Source : Nbcnewyork