Rainy day ‘Madden checks’ fund may be needed


ATLANTA — NFLPA executive committee president Eric Winston stressed the need to prepare just in case there is a 2021 lockout, including saving up funds from Madden likenesses and other marketing ventures.

Winston explained how the “Madden checks” collected over the next three years could equate to $60,000 per player, maybe not a significant number when weighed against lucrative NFL contracts but an amount that would offer some fallback in case of a work stoppage.

“So every year, [NFL] Players Inc. makes a distribution to the players in the form of a check,” Winston said Thursday. “It’s a little over $17,000. The players decided a couple of years ago, ‘Hey listen, in an effort to get ready [for a lockout], one of the streams we want to do is, we’re going to withhold those checks and keep them in a fund for each player coming down the road.’

“Again, this is fund money. This isn’t something that they’re living their life on. But we’re going to hold them for three years. And we’re going to make sure that they have one small part of a bigger piece. But they’re going to have a small fund that they can draw on in the event of a work stoppage. It’s not the silver bullet. It’s not the end all to be all. But again, we start stacking those bricks, and we start stacking those solutions, and hopefully, that’s a small part of it.”

Source : ESPN