Toy Story 4 Is The Most ‘Bizarre’ Entry In The Beloved Pixar Franchise, Say Critics


By Lauren Rearick

After months of waiting and cheering for the newly appointed badass Bo Peep, the official release date of Toy Story 4 is nearly here. The rest of the world has to hold out until June 20, 2019 to see what hijinks Woody, Buzz, and a crafted spork named Forky encounter in their latest Disney adventure, but some critics and fans got a sneak peek this week, and it’s safe to say that we’re in for an emotional adventure.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film’s Tomatometer currently stands at a score of 100 percent with 67 critics reporting; Brian Lowry of CNN called it a “cinematic grand slam” and Lindsay Bahr of the Associated Press argued the film made a solid case for the importance of franchise films.

Social media also reacted positively to the film, including YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki, who used all-caps to express her love for the latest Pixar installment. “TOY STORY 4 IS A MUST-SEE I LAUGHED CRIED AND LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT,” she wrote. Perri Nemiroff of agreed, tweeting, “it’s an especially touching new chapter of the story. Walked away feeling super hopeful about the endless possibilities out there.”

Many were particularly pleased with the film’s new characters, especially Forky. David Sims of The Atlantic praised the film’s decision to focus on the plastic character, saying he provided the movie’s “most challenging, bizarre, and lovable material.” While Ryan Ninesling has already called on Twitter to “protect Forky at all costs,” tweeting, ”all the new characters rule, it’s charming as ever, and my god it’s absolutely gorgeous.”

Although the majority of reviews for the film are positive, Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian said that the franchise has peaked, writing, “it’s time to let go.” Matt Singer of ScreenCrush also called it “the weakest” of the Toy Story films, but was quick to note that “it’s also the riskiest and the most pleasantly unpredictable.”

No matter what the critics may say of the film, fans will have their say soon enough, and as Twitter user Ryan Mead so perfectly put it, “Can’t wait to cry my eyes out to Toy Story 4 next week.” Same, Ryan, same.

Source : MTV