Outlander Stars Play Who Said It: Jamie Fraser or a Disney Character


Ask any Sassenach and she’ll tell you that Outlander‘s Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) has the best lines of all the romantic heroes out there — and he’s not even a prince! The lack of royal title doesn’t mean that Jamie’s suave lines haven’t felt Disney-inspired. To prove our point, TV Guide enlisted Heughan and his co-stars Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, and Richard Rankin to play a game of Who Said It: Jamie Fraser or a Disney Character?

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Yes, of course, we included some time-related lines to make it difficult. All instances of “Sassenach” and “lass” were also removed from the Outlander quotes to make the game a challenge. It wasn’t that hard to stump Skelton and Rankin (mostly because they kept second-guessing themselves), but Heughan and Balfe were a bit harder to trip up. They’d know Jamie’s lines best though, right? Heughan did try overthink it by questioning whether it was a book or a movie quote, but Balfe eventually got him back on the right track.

See how they fared in the video above for some jovial fun to get you through the last few weeks of Droughtlander.

Outlander Season 5 premieres Sunday, Feb. 16 on Starz.

Source : TVGuide